Now manage your cultivation and harvesting processes with FOX ERP for Agriculture.

FOX ERP for Agriculture is a powerful and user-friendly ERP product that assists agriculture stakeholders across the entire value chain. Moreover, it extensively helps in planning, tracking the crop cycle, locations, diseases, and fertilizers. With technological advancement, FOX ERP streamlines agriculture management processes and aids in weather forecasting, water analysis, soil analysis, and many more.
Multi Agriculture Field Management
  • FOX ERP for Agriculture is a comprehensive ERP solution that manages multiple farming fields and crops.
  • It helps with various analytical reports for crop management, soil analysis, water analysis, weather forecasting, and many more.
  • Other than recording and assisting in farming and crop management for multiple fields.
  • It supports order placing and billing.
  • It also records and tracks your orders and invoices along with crops and fertilizers.
Critical Analysis Support
  • Apart from farming activities, analysis of various other factors is also necessary.
  • These factors include weather forecast, precipitation, humidity, among others.
  • Fox ERP provides over 70+ critical analysis reports that help stakeholders make instant decisions.
  • It provides detailed reports on soil texture, soil analysis, water analysis, weather forecast, fertilizer, and more.
  • It provides the farming activities a different outlook, making it feasible for all stakeholders.
crops Management
  • Managing crops becomes difficult while dealing with multiple crop fields.
  • Fox ERP tracks and manages crops and other farming activities.
  • It records all tasks related to crop management and assists in crop farming and tasks such as plowing and picking.
  • It defines the timeline for each activity by storing the materials required.
  • Overall, the farming activities get streamlined with Fox ERP.
Crop Cycle Processing
  • Crop cycle for each crop varies.
  • It becomes imperative to manage crop cycles to yield rich output from the crops.
  • Fox ERP assists in creating a customized cycle for sowing, irrigation, or harvesting.
  • It also helps in adding locations for each cycle of crop harvesting.
  • It resolves any disease that may arise during the crop cycle process.
Crop Location Tracking
  • Crops’ location plays a vital role in recognizing crop patterns.
  • If not appropriately tracked, crop cycles get hampered, resulting in loss to the farmers.
  • Fox ERP helps with crop location tracking.
  • It outlines the agriculture field and records the total area of the field.
  • It can track and record details of multiple crop locations of the stakeholder.
  • It also creates a parent location for multiple crop fields, thus easing the crop location tracking process.
Disease Diagnosis
  • Crops getting diseases is inevitable.
  • Hence, it becomes essential to identify the diseases and take appropriate steps to curb or mitigate them for a rich yield.
  • FOX ERP assists with appropriate measurement required for preventing the crop from any disease.
  • If the crop gets affected by any disease, it guides the steps required for the particulate disease and the time needed for that process.
  • The disease diagnosis process helps prevent the crops and enhances agricultural processes that drive significant outputs.
Fertilizer Update
  • Fertilizers play a crucial role in generating rich yield from the crops.
  • It prevents crops from diseases and enriches its efficiency.
  • Fertilizers, when they go unrecorded, cause excess, which increases their content in the soil that further hampers the crops.
  • Fox ERP helps manage and track the fertilizers in the crop fields.
  • It not only records details of the fertilizer used but also records its soil content.
Plant Analysis
  • Analyzing plants becomes crucial for a rich crop yield.
  • Different plants have different crop cycles that behave differently with each crop cycles.
  • Fox ERP helps with analyzing planys as per their soil content, fertilizers used and weather forecasts.
  • It allows you to analyze the plant or crop in a particular location by recording the collection, testing, and resulting time.
  • It also records the plant contents with actual, minimum, and maximum values to detect anomalies.
Water Analysis
  • Excessive water content tends to hamper the crops.
  • It damages the crops, thereby affecting the entire crop yield.
  • Fox ERP helps track and manage the water analysis in the crops.
  • It tracks water analysis of the cultivation fields.
  • It records water content, testing, and result time in a single window.
  • You can log actual, minimum, and maximum values to detect anomalies.
Soil Analysis Process
  • Soil for each crops differ.
  • Identifying an ideal soil fpr a crop decidses the yield of the crops.
  • Fox ERP helps with identifying and analyzing the crops.
  • It records soil collection, testing, and result time with utmost ease.
  • It also logs soil contents with actual, minimum, and maximum values.
Soil Texture Update
  • Understanding the soil texture is imperative for a good yield.
  • Fox ERP helps with tracking and managing soil details.
  • It records the soil contents at the plowing field.
  • It provides details like organic and inorganic matters present along with density, thus enabling the stakeholders to decide on the crop.
  • Fox ERP smooths the overall crop cycle with soil analysis, crop analysis, and weather forecasts.
Weather Forecasting
  • Weather plays a crucial role in agricultural activities.
  • Weather makes and breaks the potential of crops a crop field can offer
  • Proper weather forecasts result in good crop planning activities.
  • Fox ERP helps with weather forecasting that enhances crop yields.
  • It records temperature, pressure, humidity, dew point, precipitation, and other factors for all the cultivation fields.
  • It instantly assists in decision-making for good and healthy crop cultivation.
Purchase and Selling Assistance
  • FOX ERP for Agriculture helps in customers’ billing cycle.
  • It handles the end-to-end customer subscription and billing life cycle
  • It auto-generates customer invoices and follows up on the payment by notifying them via email/ SMS.
  • It also processes transactions faster with custom print format templates (HTML or Jinja templating) and one-time configuration.
Billing and Pricing Process
  • FOX ERP for Agriculture is not restricted to the fields only.
  • It also assists in selling and purchasing crops.
  • It allows recording sales, purchase orders, invoices using selling and purchase modules.
  • It also creates customer payment requests via email and SMS notifications.
  • Fox ERP thereby eases the entire billing and pricing process.