With diversifying business, Managing your Business Finances is complex and time-consuming.

FOX ERP’s Accounting module simplifies the finance management process on your behalf. It is designed with all the necessary tools you need to manage
  • Cash flow
  • Recording multiple transactions
  • Creating Multiple reports
  • Multi-Currency Transaction and many more.
Real-time view of your accounting books

The accounting dashboard of the Accounting Module highlights all the transactions at a single glance.

With FOX ERP Accounting Module, you can easily configure all the accounting elements as per your requirement.

Thus, it assists in analyzing all the financial aspects of the business under one single window.

The Accounting Module also prevents time loss in recording transactions in respective books of accounts and provides a real-time view of the records in just a few clicks.

Create Multiple Types of Accounting Chart – Instantly

Accounting Charts play a vital role when dealing with many accounts.

Fox ERP provides multiple charts of accounts in a digitized format.

Fox ERP Accounting Module allows you to generate a configurable tree view for structuring accounting ledgers per the organization’s requirements.

The ledgers and sub-groups can easily be assigned within the Groups.

Thus, it will help you analyze the complete picture of the transactions in one signal click.

Processing Journal & Payment Process

Having an efficient journal and payments system defines the financial health of an organization. It sets the financial goals and helps organizations achieve them, ensuring the least outstanding amounts.

Fox ERP Accounting Module maintains a clear and crisp ledger to minimize the errors in transaction entry. It assists you in tracking the inflow and outflow of cash and provides notification at the time of closing.

It also has the provision of recording advance payment in simplified and crisp. Thus, the user-friendly Accounting Module can effortlessly reconcile the entries at one go without any error.

Instant Support in Billing & Pricing Process

Billing & Pricing are the vital aspects of any transaction. Customer follow-up for the payment is a tedious task for any organization.

Organizations avoid default payments and track them to retain clients and gain business insights.

Fox ERP Accounting Module performs follow-up for customer payment on behalf of you in the organization.

It auto-generates payment requests for the customers via email and SMS notifications.

Moreover, the customized templates are created easily without hassle for the customers only once. After that, it will auto fetch the template for all future transactions for the specified customer.

Multi-currency accounting Management

Managing multi-currency transactions in a diversifying business is a challenge as the scope of committing an error is high.

Fox ERP Accounting Module minimizes the trouble of recording multi-currency transactions.

The account needs to add value in any currency in the system, and it converts automatically to its base currency.

The financial transactions and reports of the multi-currency transactions can be viewed instantly without any difficulty.

Auto-generated Invoicing Process

Creating a new or renewing invoice is one of the significant aspects of the business.

Manual invoices not only consume time but also hampers the overall efficiency.

You must keep track of the invoices that need to be renewed. Missing a date can create confusion and chaos among the customers.

Fox ERP Accounting Module extends its hands to write-off confusion and chaos at the time of renewing invoices.

It renews customer invoices monthly on your behalf. Moreover, it auto-generates invoices based on the subscription ordered.

Banking Assistance

Tracking and managing bank accounts with business transactions is a critical aspect of the business.

Moreover, the financials need to be tallied with the banking transaction regularly.

FOX ERP Accounting Module assists in maintaining multiple banking and cash accounts and tracks their balances regularly.

By making accounting easy and simple for you, it ensures that your financial transactions are synchronized with the bank in just a few clicks.