About FoxERP

FoxERP includes management executives as well as industry and technology experts. The right mix of organizational vision, industry expertise and technological leadership has enabled us to serve the needs of multiple industries in the Middle East. The Leader has provided business process solutions to various companies in a diversified field. Now one of the largest providers of business process solutions, Leader continues to develop innovative software and services that help organizations optimize the performance of their partners, suppliers, and customers. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we have more than 500 employees worldwide with our partner companies, with direct sales offices and development and support centers in many of the world's largest cities. Leader thrives to provide reliable, secure business communications to business communities in the retail, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, Utility Service Providers, Government Organization, etc.
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    Our Vision
    Our vision is to provide our customers the highest quality of IT services in a more effective way. We want to be recognized as one of the industry leaders in the region, we want to be closed to the customer to understand all the business gaps and be very innovative in put-up the proper solution.
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    Our Mission
    We believe our product should not just efficient enough to handle various departments in an organization, but should be capable enough to create the best experience among millions of professionals who have the best in their business. The product should not be just a tool for IT professionals but should be helpful to an entire organization and its employees.So, our mission is to provide our partners such a product that will not only bring the entire ERP under one roof but also will increase the productivity of the employees, easy to handle, cost-effective to the organization, transparent, and user-friendly.
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    Our Culture
    We believe in an organization there should be a pattern of values, norms, beliefs, attitudes. The combination of all these leads to achieving the goal of customer satisfaction.